Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Traveller's Trepidation

The packing has begun, planning is underway and anxiety levels are increasing. Firstly, I can't find the things I need to pack-I was sure I had put them in a safe place until I started packing! Turns out the safe place is just a little bit too safe-I've hidden it from myself! (Also, my bag isn't fully packed yet and it's looking like it won't all fit in!) Secondly, I'm feeling a little bit underprepared and only just realising that 85 days is actually quite a long time to be away for. And thirdly, there's a lot I haven't planned, purchased or even considered yet and time is running short! Once I get on that first plane, it's too late to consider all of these things, so I suppose it's worth worrying over them now.
If anyone has any helpful hints or tips for me, feel free to leave them as a comment.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Humanity’s Book

Read people like you would a page
Not as a character or empty thing,
But as an author themselves
Of an entire library

Find the story beneath, the twist in the plot
But never skim through the soul
It is there that beauty is found

Read cover to cover, crease the spine
See each human with words
And give language to they that have none
Turn up the volume, give them a voice

Speak against another fiction
And live to create truth and wisdom
Search the world until you have an answer

Voice the questions and demand righteousness
Never bend backwards, only forwards with fight
Emptiness comes from science,
Fullness comes from true discovery

There is no mystery
Where you dare to show your heart
Like a beautiful whisper in a strange and vivid dream

Explore, wander and travel through time
To discover what lies between poetry and prose
Fight the old emptiness, escape from the drama
Discover good and then begin again.

~N. Mollenhauer

In exaclty one month from today....

In one month from today, this blog will transform from rhyme and rheme into a travel blog as I commence my wintry wander around the northern hemisphere (with a bit of rhyme and poetry thrown in of course!!).
Keep updated with my adventures (and misadventures!) by following my blog (or at least checking it every so often!). Anecdotes, photos, quotes (and misquotes), tales of high adventure and ramblings of the mind, plus gems of wisdom and knowledge learned in a foreign land all still to come so watch this space!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wandering Hearts

Poetry would turn
Old questions into a story

Like a favourite book
Discover the answer

Use the magic of life
To imagine and amuse

Whisper why
Create love

No empty romance
Or longing soul

Travel happy
You are almost here

~N. Mollenhauer

Fight for Truth

Some people live
A difficult mystery
With no full voice
To give answers

When you explore the fiction
To find true wisdom,
Write a new page
To tell another story

When you delve beneath the drama
And search against time
Every step will ask
An old question about this world

And fulfil a new dream
To create beauty and hope
For each human life
By fighting for the truth

~N. Mollenhauer

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Create volume
Between hearts
Amuse a wandering character

Live a long
Beautiful life to
Discover more questions

Crack open to enter
A favourite romance
With no empty plot

Love some soul
Never turn back
And the story will be good

~Naomi Mollenhauer

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Strange Library of Wisdom

Desire the world
Give sad descriptions

Never use 'good'
After poetry
But show mystery instead

Begin to imagine
Write a first book

But escape under
These dog-like
Epic dreamings

Through every story
Never say "Why me?"

But rather live
And give wisdom
Through poetry

~Naomi Mollenhauer

How People Come To Know

With wisdom
Time and truth

Escape beneath mystery
To plot vivid dramas

Fight description
And inspire character

Explore human difficulty
and laugh another day

Find a dream
The hero is there

Desire language
And search for a voice

Always speak about
A beautiful world

~Naomi Mollenhauer