Saturday, 28 April 2012

Time for a Rainy-Day Story

They say there is a silver lining to every cloud, and as I was attempting to push start my car in the pouring rain this afternoon, I found my silver lining. The up side to looking like a drowned rat is that 'well, every blogger needs a good story to tell'! So settle in with a cup of tea or curl up on the couch, it's story time.

Once upon a time, in a land where rain does not cease, a certain damsel (whom we shall not name) had spent a most pleasant afternoon in the company of her fair maiden friend. Unfortunately, afternoons quickly turn into evenings and there were civic duties yet to be performed that day (i.e. voting). The maidens parted ways and stepped into their silver and gold Corolla Carriages to return to their castles; one carriage pulled out gracefully and exited, spraying a fan of water into the air. The other was not so successful (these modern day carriages are rather technical beasts!) and the carriage refused to start. This particular damsel, having been in similar situations before, knew exactly what to do-what every damsel does best when she is in distress-call for help. She pulled out her magic wand (in this day and age, known as a 'mobile phone') and called for her father to come and rescue her.
Her hero gallantly drove up, cloaked in a high-vis raincoat and armed with the tools to do battle with the beast. The damsel, having a very limited knowledge of the workings of carriages and being somewhat intimidated by the complexities of the beast, stood back, while attempting to be useful and helpful. The beast bested all of the tools and so the hero resorted to physical force and with the damsel's feeble attempts at helping, he pushed the Corolla up the hill, and then down the hill, and then up the hill, and back down the hill, but the beast refused to cooperate and the carriage would not move of its own accord. Meanwhile, the damsel, soaked to the bone (really, what damsel remembers to carry a practical item like a raincoat with her!), was growing increasingly anxious, as she had her civil duties to perform as well as a pressing engagement for the evening. After a few more attempts, the hero bravely determines to stay and face the beast alone, sending the damsel off in his carriage. Soon reinforcements arrive and it is determined that the best thing to do is to drag the carriage back to the castle so that it can be examined under shelter, out of the rain.
Although the damsel is now without her own personal carriage, her hero is on the case, and he will best the beast and come out victorious!
Every damsel needs a hero she can call on-this one is particularly grateful for hers.

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