Sunday, 23 September 2012

Meandering through Melbourne #2

Melbourne is a city designed for people like me with no sense of direction-the city is in clearly defined blocks, so if you keep turning the same direction, you will end up back where you started. 

With my trusty little tourist map in hand, we set off from St. Paul's  Cathedral and Flinders Street Station to find the Museum. However, being the highly focused people that we are, we got just a little bit distracted on the way! First we spotted another Cathedral and had to go and see it, so, dodging the Asian tourist camera flashes and trying to avoid being in their photos, we wove our way up to St Patrick's Cathedral. After duly admiring the intricate wood work and stained glass windows, and agreeing that we both appreciate the grandeur of St Paul's more, we again set off for the museum.... Only to be distracted again...this time, by gardens. Who can turn down wandering through gardens that are just coming into bloom! 

The Fitzroy Gardens were beautiful, the trees that had lost their leaves for winter had soft green regrowth on then, flowers were blooming and the grass was a brilliant green. The Conservatory was an absolutely gorgeous burst of vibrant color with brilliant flowers in bloom in every direction.

Just outside was Captain Cook's Cottage, which of course, we had to visit and wander through (we won't be complaining about the size of our bedrooms any time soon!). 

After wandering around the gardens, we again set off for the Museum. Without too much trouble, we found the Carlton Gardens (more pretty flowers to admire and take photos of, and another picturesque little bridge). Of course, located within the Carlton Gardens is the Royal Exhibition Building which made a good backdrop for some photos (we didn't go inside as some sort of car and boat show was being held within this great, historic building). 

Finally, we reached the museum and spent hours revelling in history and nature. My traveling buddy was most excited to see Phar Lap (the famous Australian racing horse) and I enjoyed the exhibits displaying how early Australians lived. I then got attacked by a stuffed flying squirrel (don't ask) and charged at by a live bower bird. On a high note, we saw a beautiful fairy wren in the rainforest gallery (which, unlike the rest of the museum, displays things that are alive!). We then added to our collection of pressed pennies before setting off to find lunch.

Food, glorious food....we were indeed anxious to find some, and so I introduced my traveling buddy to Sushi, yum! We bought our sushi and then did what Melbournians seem to do best, sat in a park and ate our food while resting our poor little feet before setting off for more sightseeing and adventure.

To be continued.....

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