Thursday, 28 March 2013

Better Than Chocolate?

I loaned some of my favourite books to a student who is an avid reader, and as I handed them to her, she almost jumped up and down saying that it was 'better than Christmas and better than chocolate' to have new books to read for the holidays. She is a student after my own heart and what she said got me thinking....

Easter weekend is a chocoholic's favourite time of the year, however, there are things that are better than chocolate (as shocking as that revelation may be).

Here is what I think is better than chocolate:

More than anything else, I am looking forward to having time in the next 2 weeks of the Easter break. Even though I have plenty to fill my days and all kinds of engagements to keep, errands to run, jobs to do and work to get done (yes, teachers do work on the holidays because that is when we have time to get things done), I am looking forward to not hearing a school bell for two whole weeks. To not have my days dictated by an ear-splitting shriek will be pure bliss.
My alarm can still go in the mornings, but I have the luxury of eating breakfast at a leisurely pace and can sip my tea/coffee calmly, instead of scalding my throat by sculling it as the bell pierces my stolen moment of solitude.

Jane Austen had it right when Mr Tilney (Northanger Abbey) says "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." I for one am looking forward to finding pleasure in a good novel (or maybe even two) over the course of the holidays as well as indulging in some classic BBC Period Dramas.

The piles of paper and unanswered mail can finally be dealt with, the dust bunnies that have taken residence under my bed can be cleaned out and a few half completed projects may be somewhat closer to being completed by the end of the holidays.

A nice cup of tea, unnacompanied by marking or phone calls...

Seeing friends and spending time simply being, instead of constantly doing...

Yes indeed, there are some things in life that are better than chocolate (no discredit to good, silky dark chocolate though!)

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Dreaded Question

-The Dreaded Question-

'Where are you from?'
It was the dreaded question,
Asked out of forced politeness
My stomach sinks,
My heart skips a beat
As I mumble a reply:
'Here and there, I've
Been a few places.'
And then I escape the
Glazed over eyes, and
The questioning glances.
But the question haunts
When I'm all alone.
'Where are you from?'
Where am I from? I know
That somewhere I felt safe
There was a place where
I belonged, but here,
Here I am a curiosity
A strange unknown species
To be stared at and mocked
For an accent that
I did not even know I had.
Just once, can I be known
For who I am, not where I'm from.
Don't try to classify me
Like an animal in a zoo,
I'm not a hyena from Timbuktu
For once can you see
That it's who I am
And not where I'm from
That should matter to you.

Sea Dreams

The irony is that I hate the ocean, I won't go more than ankle deep in the water and I really dislike the salty, sticky and sandy state you end up in afterwards. However, I love looking at the ocean; I love the clouds reflecting in the water; I love the sunsets that set the sea on fire as they blaze with vibrant colours and I love the ever changing moods, especially as a storm rolls in and the clouds build up and a once glassy surface is whipped into a frenzy. I also love that I can be in a different country and look out over a different ocean and be overwhelmed by awe and wonder. All else around seems to fade away and I never tire of looking out to that horizon and dreaming...