Friday, 17 January 2014

A Proposition...

Defy Twitter, Facebook and Blogging. Let us revive the ancient and almost forgotten art of letter writing.

Jane Austen is my literary hero (or should that be 'heroine'?). Her characters (although a little too perfect in some cases) are quite endearing and her wit simply flies off the pages. She was a charming correspondent and extracts from her letters keep me amused for hours. Here is what she can teach us about letter writing:

Here is a way to start us off:
'Expect a most agreeable letter, for not being overburdened by subject-having nothing at all to say-there shall be no check to my genius from beginning to end.'

Always include a comment about the weather:
'What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps on in a continual state of inelegance.' (At last, a more refined way of expressing my sentiments about summer!)

Write about your plans for the future:
'Next week I shall begin operations on my hat, on which you know my principal hopes of happiness depend.'

Be brutally honest:
'I am sorry to tell you that I am getting very extravagant and spending all my money, and what is worse for you, I have been spending yours too.'

So, who is with me? Take up your quill and ink and begin writing your own senseless nothings (or perhaps, you can write sensible somethings instead, but I think I will follow Jane Austen's lead and 'let other pens dwell on guilt and misery')

Life Building

Life Building

It has often been said before that
‘Life is what happens while you
are busy making other plans.'
But I have a different theory, that
You build the life you end up living
Through the choices you make everyday.

It is your choice whether or not
You move on to escape the monochrome
To experience life in vivid technicolour.
It’s all about taking a step and pursuing it
Desire more, long for something better
But learn the secret to being content.

Be inspired, learn something, remain open
Become an inspiration, teach someone, explore
Create the world that you want to live in
Don't settle for less, but don’t fear settling
Live loud and live in the whisper. Build character
Turn the page and listen with your heart.