Saturday, 8 February 2014

This Week's Spelling Test

Memories of school for most people include spelling tests. I always get some interesting responses in spelling tests-here are some examples from this week.

Word #1: breathe -spelled: fresh air (someone has a sense of humour!!)
Word #2: education -spelled: egachshoin (somewhat phonetically!)
Word #3: chop -spelled: shock (yes, I suppose when you chop something you are giving it a shock!)
Word #4: orchestra -spelled: aquester (hmmm...not sure about this one!)
Word #5: friend -spelled: firend (a fiery end to that friendship?)
Word #6: familiar -spelled: filmelea (at least some of the letters are there, just not quite in the right order)
Word #7: enthusiastic -spelled: inthezeater (going to the 'zeater'? (any ideas on what a 'zeater' is?))

And this is why teaching English is important!