Sunday, 11 December 2016

Europe Trip 🐢 #4 Innsbruck

Innsbruck has been our favourite city so far, and one we would all recommend to future travelers. A city surrounded by snow-capped mountains, beautiful buildings in the old part of the city, a lovely river to walk along, Christmas markets...what more could you possibly want? A highlight was the Alpine Zoo (which we hadn't planned to go to, but it was part of a deal with the cable car up the mountain). It was fun to see animals that you don't see in Australia (moose, beavers, lynx cats, bears, a red squirrel) and the layout of the zoo was very pleasant to walk around as it felt very much part of the natural landscape. The cable car then continued the rest of the way up the mountain (which we felt was cheating a bit as there were people hiking the whole way up! But we were on limited time). The views from the top were absolutely spectacular, and the little bit of fresh snow made us feel that we really were in the Alps. As far as you could see in every direction were majestic snow-capped mountains. If it hadn't been so cold, we could have stayed up there for hours, but we had to go into the cafe for hot chocolate after about half an hour. Of course, we had to eat apple strudel with the hot chocolate (we were in Austria after all!).

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